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Welcome to our FAQ and How to page

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1.When can I install a sod?
A. You can install sod anytime as long as you can till the ground and get the sod and the underlying soil wet to start the rooting process

2.Can it be too cold or too warm to sod?
A. In general the answer is NO. Sod can be planted when it is too cold or too warm to plant seed.

3. Is Sod a Good Investment?
A. Yes it is. You go from bare ground and a lush green lawn in hours and in those shorts hrs you increase your property value and curb appeal.

4. Should I buy sod sight unseen?
A. No. Why would you spend $100's if not $1000's for a item that might work?

5. Why does the price of sod vary?
A. Sod is like any other product in the construction and landscape business. Price is based on the care , input cost, and craftsmanship that goes into the product. The better the base and the better the results.

6. Is all sod weed and diseased free?
A. Unfortunately No. Not all growers have a weed and disease program to prevent them from occurring.

7. Can you spray the weeds and disease out of low cost sod?
A. You can try. The average cost is about $.03 to $.05 per sq ft and it may take several (2-3) applications before most of the weeds are gone. But there is probably no way to get all of the weeds and disease out once they are established in sod.

8. Is Grassroots Sod weed and disease free?
A. We Guarantee that the sod you buy from us will be the finest premium weed and disease free bluegrass available.

9. How short should I cut my grass?
A. The preferred height of all turf grass is 3 to 3.5 inches and for every inch below this height the watering and fertilizing needs doubles.