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At Gobbo Turf Farm, LLC we offer only the finest turfgrass available. This is a blend of 5 different bluegrass variaties to produce a high quality and durable sod. The sod will handle both sun and shade. It is also drought tolerant.

As this is a blend, it will give you a uniform look throughout your yard. This bluegrass is the grass of choice for the challenging conditions of Western Colorado. With our bluegrass you can expect the following features from your new lawn:

Color: Deep Dark Green

Texture: Soft and Fine

Maintenance: Requires regular fertilizing and regular watering

Mowing: 2 - 3.5 inches in height; mow every 1-2 weeks

Growth: Rapid horizontal growth - it fills in quickly

Performance: roots 3-4 inches long, early spring green, high density and weed resistant, erosion control, environmentally sensitive.