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When Can I Install Sod?
You can install sod anytime as long as you till the ground and keep the sod wet to start the rooting process.

When Should I Fertilize My New Sod?
Do not put fertilizer down prior to laying the sod on your prepared yard. Your new sod is delivered to you up to date on fertilizer. Too much fertilizer in the zone just below the sod has the danger of burning the roots. Wait a few weeks, and after you have mowed the sod a few times, then fertilize the sod and water it in.

Is Sod A Good Investment?
Yes, we think it is! Your bare ground is a lush green lawn within hours and in those short hours you have increased your property value and curb appeal.

Can It Be Too Cold or Too Hot To Install Sod?
Generally, no. Sod can be planted anytime as long as the ground is prepared for installation. Keeping the sod wet also means soaking the soil under the sod to a depth of 3 - 4 inches over a period of the first two weeks.

Is All Sod Disease and Weed Free?
Unfortunately, no. Not all growers have a fertilizer program to promote deep green and strong root development, nor a weed and disease program to prevent invasive species. Allen has perfected this process over the last two decades and Gobbo Turf Farm, LLC sod is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to be insect, weed and disease free.

How Short Should I Cut My Grass?
The preferred height of all turf grass is 2 to 3.5 inches. Mowing shorter than this height may require some special attention and may take awhile to come back.

How Do I Water my Sod When It Is Installed?
Once the sod is placed on the ground, for at least the first two weeks watering more frequently with lesser amounts of water, to avoid ponding, is preferred. Too much water will cut off the oxygen to the roots and damage or kill your sod.  The purpose is to build adequate moisture below the sod for long term root development.