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Congratulations! You have decided on turf grass for your Landscaping project. So, now what?

All sod comes in rolls that are 18" wide X 80" long and cover 10 square feet.

Each roll weighs approximately 50 lbs.

There are 500 square feet on a pallet and pallets weigh 2,500 lbs.

Effective July 1st, our price is 40 cents a square foot, still a minimum order of 1 pallet (500sf) and local deliveries only.

We are not able to work last minute orders into our schedule at this time.

We are "seasonal".  Please call 2-3 weeks ahead to place your order. All sod is cut the day it is delivered or picked-up. Simply measure the area you need to cover and give us a call.

500 square feet or more is $0.35/square foot ($.40 as of July 1st)

*Please note that orders delivered or picked up on pallets will be subject to the $12.00 refundable pallet deposit. Bring the pallet(s) back to us and we will refund your pallet deposit. Please note, we will only accept our pallets for return.*

Within the Grand Valley: $40.00 for 1-4 pallets; order 5+ pallets and delivery is free.  Local delivery at this time by special arrangements only.